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GRAND Q HOTEL GORONTALO • Visit Gorontalo Festival

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1. Tumbilotohe :

Location: all over Gorontalo province

Highlights: Gorontalo's citizens tradition in 3 days before Id Fitri that has been held since XV Century. Taken from Gorontalo language Tumbilo: put on Tohe: Light, Tumbilotohe: Festival where Gorontalo's citizen put all the lights on. 

Date: Start from 27 - 30 Ramadhan in every year.


2. Kirab Laut dan Kirab Darat (The Celebration of The Ocean Goddess Birthday)

Location: Kirab Darat take place in Hong San Bio Pagoda, meanwhile Kirab Laut take place from Hong San Bio Pagoda, Tanjung Naga sea to Gorontalo harbour.

Highlights: The Celebration of The Great Thian Sing Boo birthday, Ocean Goddess.

Date: Around April


3. Karapan Sapi dan Balapan Kuda Yosonegoro ( Cow Race and Horse Race of Yosonegoro)

Location: Yosonegoro Golf Court, Kelurahan Yosonegoro

Highlights: Held by Javanese Tondano Community in order to celebrate the anniversary of Gorontalo Province around February and 6 days after Id Fitri Celebration.

Date: Two times in a year, first around the date of Anniversary Gorontalo Province 16 February 2013 and the second one held 7 days after Ied Fitri


4. Mandi Safar

Location: Start from Buata Village and finish at Minanga Beach, Kecamatan Atinggola, North Gorontalo District.

Highlights: Ritual tradition of Atinggola Kingdom in the beginning of Safar month in Hijriyah Calendar. Mandi Safar is a self-purifying and grateful symbol of the citizen.

Date: After Moslem New Year, around the beginning of Safar Month in every year around February.


5. Walima

Location: Around the city

Highlights: Walima is the celebration of the prophet Muhammad S.A.W born day. It is giveaway grace, which is symbol by traditional cookies.

Date: In every 12 Rabiul Awal, Hijriyah Calendar.


6. Saronde Island

Location: Saronde Island

Highlights: The Celebration of North Gorontalo District Anniversary with watersport competition such as beach volleyball, Katingting race, Canoe race and also Miss Saronde Pageant Contest.

Date: Every July.


7. Festival Kerawo

Location: around Gorontalo City

Highlights: Kerawo is the famous Gorontalo's traditional handmade embroidered. In Festival Kerawo, you can find a variety of Kerawo handmade from clothes, hat, purse, bag, key chain, etc.

Date: Around November.


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